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How can I protect my farmland?

There are two organizations in San Juan County whose mission includes protection of farmland. For more information about the criteria, benefits and opportunities, visit their websites or contact them directly.

  • San Juan Preservation Trust, a private non-profit land trust organization whose mission is to help people and communities conserve land in the San Juan Islands by creating conservation easements and preserves.
  • San Juan County Land Bank, a public county agency established by the citizens of San Juan County, whose mandate is to preserve in perpetuity areas in the county that have environmental, agricultural, aesthetic, cultural, scientific, historic, scenic, or low-intensity recreational value.


Are there preferential property tax programs for farmland?

Yes.  Farms that are being commercially farmed may benefit from reduced property taxes that are based on the current use as agriculture instead of highest and best use.  To be eligible, the landowner must meet certain criteria as specified in Washington State rules and code:  RCW 84.34 and WAC 458.30.  The SJC Assessor oversees compliance with the program.  More information on property tax programs is available at, or contact the San Juan County Assessor at 360-378-2172.

Are there regulations that restrict development or certain uses on farmland? Where can I find out more?

Yes, the county has adopted certain regulations that determine allowable uses on land designated for agricultural use.  To find out more, contact San Juan County Community Development and Planning Department at 360-378-235.

Where can I find out about other organizations that are involved in sustainable agriculture?

San Juan County is lucky to have many organizations that are involved with agriculture. For a list of organizations, go to

Where can I get guidance on farm management options?

The Conservation District is your source of information for different approaches to farm management. Contact the Resource Planners at 360-378-6621 or contact Bruce Gregory at or Danna Kinsey at

Where can I get a farm plan? What is needed for a farm plan?

The San Juan County Conservation District can help you prepare a farm plan. Check their website to see a template of the elements of a farm plan. Contact Bruce Gregory at or Danna Kinsey at or call 360-378-6621.

Where can I get local foods?

There are many opportunities to purchase local farm products, including Farmers’ Markets, farm stands, and at certain restaurants and businesses that source local foods.  To find out more, go to Island Grown.